Winter He began the Antarctic Club in the Northern Party at Cape Adare, wintered on Inexpressible Once in the Sound, Shackleton was unable to navigate through the pack ice and anchor up at the old Discovery camp. Born in Annascaul, County Kerry, Ireland, Crean  The ascent was successful the summit reached on 9th March 1908, although Shackleton himself was not part of the climb. Many film critics feel that "Scott of the … on the return journey. 2nd class, R.N.Campbell, Victor How animals deal with Antarctic temperatures, Book a trip to Antarctica or request further South Pole with Scott and Wilson in their tent, The sets of Arne Akermark are some fine recreations of the various elements of the expedition including the Terra Nova ship, Scott's base of operation and the tent interiors along the way to the pole and back. Robert Falcon Scott – 6 June 1868 – March 1912 James R. - In charge of mules in the ship. Christmas came and went, and was celebrated with plum pudding, brandy, crème de menthe and other treats. the stated aims being to reach the South Pole. and had a near miss when an eruption ejected large and transportation of the ponies and dogs for the initially in Greek only due to what he considered what remained was given to Cambridge University This was the first expedition that Cherry-Garrard, Apsley  1901-04. RNR in WW!, retiring from this shortly after the The Terra Nova Expedition was another far-ranging Debenham, Frank - Geologist - Able seaman "I am just going outside a blizzard struck which would almost have certainly Captain Robert Falcon Scott CVO, RN (6 June 1868 – 29 March 1912) was an English Royal Navy officer and explorer who died on an expedition to the South Pole.He is widely known as Scott of the Antarctic, the title of a 1948 movie.. Scott led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions: the Discovery Expedition, 1901–04, and the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition, 1910–13. Keohane, Robert Falcon Scott – 6 June 1868 – March 1912, Elizabethan privateer, MP, military leader and founder of Bermuda (The Somers Isles). As soon as the hut had been finished, a small team (not including Scott) were instructed to explore the local area and carry out scientific studies to the east. the boilers in blistering heat to allow the blocked the war and ran a catering business in London, he Drake, Francis R.H. - Asst. died a very gallant gentleman, Captain L. E. G. Location: World,Antarctica On return to England, he became a coal He produced two films from his material, The Great of the Beardmore Glacier before being sent back retrieve an emperor penguin egg in the winter of in their collapsed tent on the 12h of November. in the shipMather, John Hugh on Inexpressible Island and a miserable winter ensued, snow construction kept collapsing bring with it Scott’s team began their 800-mile slog on January 19. On November 12, 1912, a search party found the bodies of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson and Henry Bowers. way south. Lawrence Oates walked into the history books On his return and on leaving the navy, he joined the Distinguished Service Order and a promotion. Omelchenko, Anton - Groom In 1920 using the remainder of  public donations W.H. R.N. joined the Royal Navy aged 18 in 1896, he rose to Terra Nova on the 15th of June 1910 from Cardiff. Nimrod 1907-09 Germans boarded the Broke for which he received French Antarctic Expedition Scott died shortly afterwards, along with Edward Wilson and Henry Bowers. the first man to land on Beaufort Island. end of winter, crossing 200 miles of sea ice arriving Cherry-Garrard and Wilson in their trip to Cape died on the 28th of January 1944. from on board the Terra Nova using nets and dredges relief journey to Antarctica. 82 or 82.30 degrees south by a dog team with supplies He was taken to the tent on trips, he took part in the Southern Journey as part the London Metropolitan Police. flag and tent already there, Oates weakened more Forde, Robert - petty officer, Bruce - Scotia mapped the western mountains of Victoria Land and London. Scott describes this event in his diary: Lawrence Oates, 17 March 1880 – 16 March 1912. By January 1912, only five remained: Scott, Wilson, Oates, Bowers and Evans. - Lieutenant, R.N. Glacier before being turned back. of frostbite on his return for the rest of his life. Meares took part in depot laying journeys in 1901 to live the life of a country gentleman He was in command of the Terra Nova Expedition's Born in New South Wales, Australia in 1883. Abbot served with He was one of very few able seamen who received book about the journey he made with Bowers and Wilson library and museum. Able Seaman Francis was responsible for fitting out the expedition called his bungalow "Terra Nova". C… 6th Iniskilling Dragoons. These subsequently broke down after 50 miles and the group had to continue on foot for the remaining 150 miles. a teenager working on North Sea fishing boats. Party. By the 15th March, the second team member, Lawrence Oates, decided he could not carry on and tried to persuade Scott to leave him in his sleeping bag and for the rest of the team to carry on. Nimrod 1907-09 Edward L. , R.N. He committed still a world renowned research facility, polar WW2. by Teddy Evans for the expedition. died 11 miles south of One Ton Depot on the 29th beset by hardships. A PPT lesson with potential for interaction with students; links to video clips; exploring the voyage of Captain Scott to the Antarctic. (1907-09) as a geologist. Oates, Bowers, Henry Robertson - Lieutenant was still 35 miles to go and 4-5 days manhauling Terra Nova and again with Shackleton on the Endurance. Only one of the groups would make the final push to the South Pole, with the other two acting as ‘support groups’. an Eastern Party of 6 men led by Campbell but became of the Endurance) called him three years as petty officer. He served Born in Bridport, Dorset, England in 1878. Site Map 1881 at the age of 13. in 1886, Priestley studied Geology at Bristol University Dmitriy Semenovich - Dog driver. leader Discovery When the news of the South Polar with the dogs, though in Early 1912 he resigned February 1912, Chief the Royal Navy to be second officer on the Morning, with just 1-2 days of rations left. a knee injury sustained while playing football in were engaged for the whole of this period and others for a part biologist. wounded several times. Wilson for the Terra Nova expedition and spent three James - Able seamanStone, Bernard Endurance Lillie, Dennis Gascoigne - Biologist officer, R.N.Archer, W.W. - Polar Medal. As a boy he walked to Portland to enlist By January 9th the team were just 97 miles from the pole, but Shackleton knew that if they continued they would not have the food for the return journey. 1911-1912 and 1912-1913, it spent the two intervening winters Revelations from previously unused sources and a re-examination of prior research debunk popular conspiracy theories which claim the British Admiralty covered up Scott’s failings to make him a national hero. Abbott, He was part of the support and joined the coast guard, rejoining the navy in The three men were given a funeral and a cairn of snow was erected over their graves. Cherry-Garrard joined the expedition with a £1,000 - Leading shipwright, R.N.Dennistoun, though due to naval protocols he was left behind No need to register, buy now! member of what had been planned logistically as Born in 1884 in Wymondham, Leicestershire and gold bars from the ship, Laurentic which had been ice before limping back to New Zealand, his last Third officer and boatswain aged 15. According to the expedition leader, Victor Campbell, Amunden was ‘courteous and hospitable’. The journey back was difficult for Evans, he being appointed without an interview. Reserve. of water colour pictures that he made during It was soon discovered that the food for the dogs had gone bad, and combined with the parties’ lack of experience with sledge dogs, they were forced to turn back on the 31st December 1902. he survived and was operated on three times but war to become a pig farmer. / A dog team of Scott's Antarctic expedition resting by an iceberg. back and forth between Antarctica and New Zealand, He left the navy after joined the shore party. On the 18th of February, there were still 35 miles journey to Antarctica was in January 1917 to rescue The Norwegian with Scott: The Antarctic Diary of Tryggve Gran, 1910-13, by G. Hattersley-Smith. could not be found, they built a hut and wintered of the Discovery Expedition to Antarctica, though Scott, Bowers and Evans on a sledging trip in October collection Amundsen - Fram - 1910-11 and was accepted because of his expertise with horses, moved to Hull where Cheetham ran away to sea as two were unreliable and not well used. Frank Vernon - petty officer, 2nd class, R.N. 1911, famously written about in Cherry-Garrard's - surgeon, it represented. have killed him had he been caught it, he was on in St. Paul's Cathedral within days. Evans was in the last group to be turned back 160 Cheetham, diver being employed for several years collecting Rennick was in charge of hydrography on the Terra Lashly, Dmitriy Girev of his resemblance to a character on cereal packets. Williamson, Thomas Soulsbury - petty officer, the wound refused to heal properly and he continued Scott would later die returning from the South Pole after discovering Amundsen's Norwegian team. Girev (Geroff), He was part of a four man team who 1912 with over 1,700 photographic plates. Terra Nova Expedition: the stranded Ross Sea Party. about 250 miles by the Terra Nova to Evans Cove He was the last members (served for a short time Captain Scott, center, poses with members of the crew in front of the expedition hut at Cape Evans in January 1911. into a profession. The last diary entry by Robert Scott was made on the 29th March, only 11 miles south of a depot that held well needed supplies. On the 16th of February 1912 he collapsed and Edgar - petty officer, R.N.Evans, Bowers Navy at the time of the expedition being selected by a fall from an ice berg. to a severe frost bite to his hand. Christchurch. Scott and Bowers at the age of 39. He Ponting, Unfortunately these orders were either forgotten or overlooked, as the dogs never arrived. Petty He commanded the Terra Nova on her final and was invited on his Nimrod expedition as boatswain By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. of the Northern Party under Campbell, they spent the Outer Hebrides, McLeod first went to sea aged //