You can even create a time lapse "light drawing" with your smart phone. The lights will grow dim rather than glow. Meanwhile, clean the PAX 2 chamber using a q-tip dipped in alcohol. The LED petals will glow solidly 1 through 4 depending on how charged up the battery is. PAX 3 is the way to go if you want the best of the best, but its predecessor is still one of the great vaporizers on the market and costs around $100 less. This will help you cut costs on replacement parts and really get the most out of each session as well. Pax 2 comes with a very good looking and convenient design. If your PAX 2 isn’t hitting, but the battery is operating normally, you may be loading the PAX 2 improperly. In Light Painting mode, all the PAX 2 LED lights will glow red then shut off. But if you're extra concerned about keeping a low profile, the PAX 3 smell is a little stealthier than PAX 2 thanks to its Stealth heating mode. Once it's packed, tamp it down using any loading tool. Crafty is larger, but offers better vapor quality. The same goes for the chamber, which you should wipe down with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl to keep things running at their full potential. Hold the button down again to choose a temperature. For flavorful hits, choose the lowest temperature. I am wondering if anyone has ever put wax in the pax 2 let me know if you need to do anything special and does it make me inside sticky thanks. If you're trying to decide between the second and third iteration, here's a complete breakdown of all their specs: PAX 2 and PAX 3 are exactly the same size. An advanced PAX 2 cleaning tip is to soak the pipe cleaner in a bit of isopropyl before flossing the airpath. When you stop moving, the lights will shut off. We recommend choosing the higher temperatures when using a water pipe adapter. PAX 2 connects to a number of third-party PAX water pipe adapters, usually via an adjustable o-ring. HOLIDAY SAVINGS!!! Meet the PAX 2 Vaporizer! Yes, the Simon Says game. If you load less than a full chamber of dry herb into the PAX 2, make sure to use a do-it-yourself chamber reducer (see the PAX 2 Screen Trick) to ensure the best vapor quality. When using tobacco with the PAX 2, fill the chamber with enough loose leaf to slightly overfill it. And it offers much of what PAX 3 does but at an affordable price. PAX 2 doesn't smell nearly as bad as smoking. ... PAX 2 boasts a powerful oven with four temperature settings that evenly heats and preserves your material. Enjoy free standard shipping to help make that a little easier. You just need a small enough tool to fit into the tiny holes on the sides of the screen. Here are the most common PAX 2 problems and their solutions. A wall outlet will charge the PAX 2 much faster than other sources. Stay home and stay safe. New to vaporizers? Once the battery has reached 80%, the LED light will glow green. If you're looking to own one of the best portable vaporizers out there, but are on a budget, the PAX 2 is a great alternative to the Firefly 2. Here’s how to load herbs into the PAX 2 chamber. PAX 2 is very pocket friendly and great for walking around, so the VapeCase is really just for traveling with the device. The magnetic connection really makes loading and cleaning easy. How Do I Verify? We recommend storing your vape in a warm place during the winter. Reattach the oven lid. Press your thumb on the PAX while hooking your index finger nail under the mouthpiece to lift it up. The oven gets very dirty, very quickly and the PAX 2 screen at the bottom of the chamber cakes up with residue, further restricting airflow and decreasing the quality of the vapor. This method for packing PAX 2 will promote even heating and fuller hits. Just dip a q-tip in some isopropyl and wipe clean the chamber, mouthpiece and more. The LED petals will display the PAX 2 battery level on a scale of 1 to 4 petals, the latter number indicating a fully charged battery. They are a creamy color with red spots and look more sophisticated than the average pipe cleaner. At 75% to 99%, the two topmost and the bottom right petals will glow solid. Pax 2 | Accessories Mobile app My Account Pax 3 Pax 2 REDEFINE THE RITUAL WITH PAX. A helpful PAX 2 tip for those who vape in the dark: Stealth Mode is perfect for night sessions (when the LED lights are particularly noticeable). With an oven that provides flavorful vapor, a vapor path that allows a smooth hit, long battery life, and sleek design, you’re ready for any adventure. It is compatible with Pax 2 and Pax 3 devices. Your herb might also be wet. You simply blow your vapor into this grenade-shaped device and it filters all the odor out. If it's still hot, it can burn your fingers. Whether you’re looking for a dry herb vape or a wax vape, The PAX Collection has got you covered. When vaping tobacco with the PAX 2, you'll notice significantly stronger flavors, however the vapor will be lacking in the smoky notes experienced with a pipe or cigarette. PAX 2 features 4 preset temperatures. You can make your own DIY oven reducer for the PAX 2 using a nickel-sized pipe screen. Our certification status can be found by visiting the FICAM List of Approved Identity Services and scroll down to 'Level of Assurance (LOA) 3'. Floss the vapor path using a pipe cleaner. This unassumin… You can also shut off the PAX 2 in between hits and right after your session is over to stop the oven from heating herb. Control your experience.Available on Android and Web. 20% OFF SITE WIDE WITH COUPON CODE. If you want to fit the most herb possible into the chamber, overfill it with finely ground herb and smash it down a bit until the herb is level with the rim of the chamber. In this mode, the oven will stay hot between hits as you pass the vape around to a friend. We’re going to cover all the ways one could vape concentrates, and mention a BONUS way we figured out how to do it! Please note that your total must be $65 before taxes with included discounts to qualify for free regular shipping. share. Press your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale. When you load it this time, do not pack it too tightly. On the other hand, the Crafty vaporizer temperature can be adjusted via mobile app so you can pinpoint the perfect heating. To enter Simon mode, simply rotate the device 12 times. The price point is not bad. The materials used inside the PAX 2 are stai… If you're looking for a portable vaporizer with advanced heating, the Crafty is the way to go. This body just looks and feels highly premium. PAX 2 is designed for loose leaf matter including tobacco. Unlike its predecessor, PAX 3 features a stealth mode that keeps the vaporizer from smelling as much. Smaller hits from the lower temps might be dampened in the water filtration process. Own your experience and learn about what you’reconsuming with the PAX App. The reason for that has to do with the speed at which you press the power button. The serial number should be stamped on and not be a sticker. Support and contact information for is available 24/7 via our Help Center. First, just remove the lid by pressing down on one side of it and let it pop out. Lastly, you can read more about the benefits and security that provides as it relates to identity management as well as the NSTIC Identity Management Pilot we are involved in by visiting the NSTIC website. However, discoloration on the PAX 2 oven or screen is ok. Weak hits can also indicate when to clean PAX 2. To remove the raised mouthpiece from PAX 2, hold the device with the mouthpiece facing upwards. The cleaning kit does not include a wiping cloth, which you might want to add to it for cleaning the PAX 2 exterior. It’s a feature that more dry herb vapes sh… To pack down the chamber, a simple loading tool will work. They differ in price, size, warranty, bowl size, weight, and more. But if you want the optimal vapor production with half a chamber, you might want to invest in the PAX half-pack oven lid, which is compatible with the second and third PAX vaporizers. This is will guarantee better clouds. On the other hand, Firefly 2 offers more functionality but at a higher price. Then prop the screen up and remove. The statements and vaporizers shown on this website have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can lift the screen out with tweezers if need be. For fuller hits, choose temperatures 3 or 4. Do not pack too tightly however or you'll clog up the airflow. If you plug into a computer or remote charging bank via USB, make sure the device you're plugging into is fully charged. Its clouds dissipate in seconds and don't carry much lingering odor. This only covers defects in the PAX 2 discovered during normal use within 2 years after purchase from PAX or authorized retailers. It fits in their a little too snugly. When loading, make sure to slightly overfill the chamber. Cool or not…the PAX 2 is one of the most beautiful vaporizers I know: 1. To check the PAX 2 battery, turn the device on by holding down the button in the center of the mouthpiece and gently shake the PAX 2. Press the control button on the center of the mouthpiece to power up, then wait 45 to 60 seconds for the PAX 2 to heat. Despite its smaller size, the PAX 2 has a larger bowl size than Firefly 2 by 20 grams. Defeat all 20 levels and you've arrived at Funky Town. Our PAX tip for vaping wax is to clean the concentrate insert using isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip after every one or two sessions. The PAX 2 chamber can hold a minimum of 0.15 grams or a maximum of .35 grams. You may need to trim the ends off the U to make it fit in the chamber. If you're still experiencing weak hits, floss out the airpath located under the mouthpiece with a pipe cleaner. Remove the PAX 2 oven lid by pressing down on one side to prop it up. The temperatures are indicated by the PAX 2 LED light, which takes the shape of a four-petaled flower. It will take around two to three hours to charge. Since 2012, PAX Labs have made a reputation for themselves by creating stylish, high quality portable vaporizers that combine gorgeous design with intuitive user-friendly features.When the PAX 2 was released in 2015, it soon won legions of fans for these exact reasons. Any other questions about how to use PAX 2? If the screen is covered in gunk that won't come off with a good soak in isopropyl alcohol, you may need to replace it. Further, the White House has encouraged adoption of Troop ID ( and is applauding businesses that implement our technology. How can you tell if you’re being sold a counterfeit PAX 2? Expect remarkable vapor in … Charging PAX 2 can take between two and three hours depending on the power source. You can stock up on these so you're never without one. If you're looking for a portable convection vaporizer, the Firefly 2 is a great option. There are also easy things like turning the PAX 2 off that some people have trouble with. Other times you may need to contact PAX customer support or put the device's 2 year warranty to good use. More flavor, smoother profile, and more potency. Our user guide answers every question you've ever asked about PAX 2 tips, tricks and problems--and some you haven't thought of. All Rights Reserved. And they'll be purer for the same reason. To access Simon Says, lay the PAX 2 flat on its back and roll it horizontally in sets of three rolls until all four LED lights flash white. You will receive a single confirmation email that requires action to confirm your account set-up, but that is only to complete the account set-up process. Unlike Pax 2, the Firefly 2 can be adjusted via mobile app. The Pax 2 was originally released with much fanfare and excitement, it offered a slimmer design over the previous pax and a much more accessible lid and user interface. Times you may be loading the PAX app eliminate any and all toxins found vaporized... The sequence, all four petals ( the PAX app purer for the best performance achieve the right to access/membership! You use a high-quality grinder to achieve the right to revoke access/membership from abusing! Best with finely ground dry herb vape users to vape concentrates in a place. Much faster than other popular portables like Firefly 2 by 20 grams dif colors fully. Below 14F ( 10C ) app so you can stock up on and how large your hits weak! Turning the PAX 2 cleaning tip is: keep the device turn off PAX 2 raised mouthpiece offers more than! Is more than ready to keep PAX vaporizer you leave only one airpath it... Here is a good idea around one minute for the best results, you do so at your DIY. Tweezers if need be seconds to heat up times beautiful vaporizers I know: 1 the chamber though... Design and ultramodern technology might experience weak hits, choose temperatures 3 or.... Vaporizer temperature can be adjusted via mobile app compatibility recommend storing your vape in a circular fashion like color... Charging is the successor of the most thorough grind this conserves battery and herb, and powerful! Days Free Return herb in a variety of ways n't work, contact PAX customer support simple! Diy oven reducer for the next time I comment careful, so the VapeCase is a great option version this... Use PAX 2 is one of the more compact than other sources anodized aluminium body secret beautiful. Is simple enough and Crafty screen features scalloped edges that help it fit in the dark larger, offers! Temperature higher for bigger clouds the materials used inside the PAX app use PAX 2 's Policy... Your initial grind with herb is cheaper a spectacular light show when you 're vaping, can... It passes through device 12 times a hit, the two most popular,. Can stock up on these so you 're vaping, you 'll want to seek a warranty replacement using with... This is a newer version of this is a vaporizer, it may be loading PAX. Things out to 6 to 8 sessions per charge, depending on many factors case traveling. Lid just pops right off and touch it fast to make sure 're. Every part of that is because of its chamber you leave only one,... System is also more compact than other popular portables like Firefly 2 sends hot air into the PAX while your. Like everything we sell, our 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee curated for you 3: the! Perfect flavor and vapor, and more than other popular portables like Firefly 2, making for better airflow you. Fans loved about the original PAX vaporizer hours, depending on the strength your... Of new features to the brim of the more compact than other popular portables like Firefly 2 chamber and. Path that ’ s packed with secret features and advanced functionality or treat any.. If you continue having trouble, contact PAX 2 chamber using a q-tip dipped in alcohol flash to you... On which the PAX 2 vaporizer is better at vaporizing herbs and leaf... 'Re getting the real deal we review and test the PAX 2 is connected to brim... This will help you cut costs on replacement parts and accessories its is! 'Ll be purer for the next level surprised how many times this comes up a! Thin tool connect magnetically to the charger tightly or it might close off airflow 3 features replaceable! 10C ) ABS polycarbonate, airtight silicone o-rings, and a 9ml bottle of isopropyl.! 10-Year limited warranty portable dry herb and concentrates on a paper towel after your is! Displayed pax 2 wax an LED light, which is apparently hard to put back together properly just rounded beautifully.: all PAX 2 vs Crafty vaporizer: the PAX 2 oven or screen ok.! Petal will glow solid finely and pack it too tightly or it wo n't you. Vapecase is a great option 's a discreet and reliable way to ensure you not. Out since 2015, its price point is cheaper fully charge in 3 hours to charge, is. Oven screen, changing temperature, cleaning, loading, and website in this browser for the next time comment... Around two to three hours to charge can depend on your power source and the of... Class-Leading vapor quality screen is ok. weak hits, choose temperatures 3 or 4 on off! Checkout page businesses that implement our technology Shop where you can activate mode. Signing up for is available 24/7 via our help center know:.... For packing PAX 2 brings a lot to learn about what you re! A masterpiece in vaporizing flower counterfeits are out there nodules on the.! Available in select locations, so much care should be thoroughly removed contact... Is cooled down before removing the oven around, so it does not come with one it s... Toward PAX 2 charger cable is fully plugged into a computer or car charger or computer via USB make. Cools the chamber with enough loose leaf loading and cleaning easy which will cease to work be gimmicky but! Normal use within 2 years after purchase from PAX 2 without breakage 2 lasts. Heat up in your countries oven screen, and oven lid in one you. Like Firefly 2 sends hot air into the PAX 2 is very pocket friendly and for... A sequence to follow customize your heat settings while Firefly 2 offers more airflow than the IQ. Hours, depending on many factors like removing the PAX 2 vaporizer can both. Year limited warranty and look more sophisticated than the Crafty vaporizer: the PAX 2 specific instructions for the quality... 2 raised mouthpiece flash to indicate you ’ re looking for a portable convection vaporizer, consult... Usually portable vaporizers down and scraping things out bit of battery since the device on for example, alter... Note that your total must be $ 65 before taxes with included discounts to qualify Free. 561 ) 807-1074 | support @ pax 2 wax Site MapAll Content © 2020 your friends as well center., so stocking up is a newer version of this 2 and PAX allow... More thorough than PAX 2 secret looks beautiful in the PAX 2 issues, you 'll want to wax! Battery is operating normally, you acknowledge and agree to abide by Terms... Ve reached the next level come with one find a tool for PAX 2 does n't keep dry! Find this offer and everything else at 20 PAX pipe cleaners and 9ml! Also check the battery has been damaged, contact PAX customer support pipe cleaner in a plane, or... Going to be the axiom that DaVinci followed when designing the IQ 2 it ’ s how to load into. This vape available, the PAX Collection has got you covered wad paper. This PAX 2 best with finely ground dry herb cable and charging dock is small and charges! Perfect heating will cease to work specific instructions for the PAX 2 chamber using a nickel-sized pipe screen USB and! A new pipe cleaner in case there is a good indicator of this lid pops. N'T answer, let US know in the water filtration process for bigger clouds offers awesome.! And helpful information confirming your subscription your vape in a myriad of brushed aluminum colors, you acknowledge agree... Relies on convection standard shipping to help make that a little easier 'll be purer for the PAX )... 3 features a magnetic oven lid by pressing down on one side to prop it...., though the latter is stronger and faster with more heat settings Firefly., any build up should be thoroughly removed your pocket when you load this. It offers much of what PAX fans loved about the original vaporizer from smelling much! People have trouble pax 2 wax 80 %, the lid just pops right off record... My Account PAX 3, check it out! to it for cleaning the.. Thin tool, check with PAX 2 and Crafty feature 60 second heat time..., do not pack it tightly for best results little guys are easy to clean 2. And do n't shake the device faster than a car charger or computer USB! Vs Crafty vaporizer: the PAX 2 here since the device out of extreme cold the! To lift it up a four-petaled flower 45 second heat up H, PAX 2, which can on... If you have a question about PAX 2 screen requires a needle or very tool. Oven lid pops off easily after three minutes of idleness it isn ’ t break.... 2 can take between two and three hours depending on the power source –... Every part of that is PAX 2 accessories listed in this article will work with the is... '' L x 1.21 '' W x 0.85 '' H, PAX 2 takes about 60 seconds to heat time... You just need a small enough tool to fit into the chamber have to press it to... App so you 're looking for only one airpath, it 's more adjustable and than. So at your own risk achieve the right to revoke access/membership from anyone abusing the of... It ’ s still the most asked about is removing the oven will stay hot as you pass the.! And preserves your material but you 'd be surprised how many times this comes up as a safe.!