I’ve been wondering about this for so long, with my bread in India never coming out like my bread in the US. I wanted to know why. On food and cooking – Harold McGee,Peter Reinhart – whole grain baking, Larousse gastronomique, Bread Bible – Rose Levy beranbaum, farmer.gov.in/cropstaticswheat.html, www.google.com/patents/us6098905, india2012.icc.or.at/webfm_send/29 www.aaccnet.org/publications/cc/backissues/1962/documents/chem39_155.pdf, indiatoday.intoday.in/story/grains+of+gold/1/1561.html, www.apeda.gov.in, www.muehlenchemie.de, wholegrainscouncil.org, king arthur flour. I read up a bit on flour behaviour but did not get anywhere. Hi Suguna, But I think the chakki atta is not a common process of milling anymore. Setup Menus in Admin Panel. View all posts by Liz. ( Log Out /  Goes out to show your passion really! 3. You’re crazy. They have a lovely depth of flavor and a great crumb. Thank you so much for letting me know. The dough seems to have a very flat sticky and limp feel to it. What is the best name brand to buy? Hello! We have a big “Patels” super market with an entire asle devoted to flours. Thank you for sharing such a great article on Atta – it is very well explained. 1. Your email address will not be published. I bought the atta with the highest protein content I could find (when store bought) and mixed it with varying proportions of maida, but the results were always the same, and I resigned myself to adding Vital Wheat gluten. Some bread flours are even lower, some higher, some similar. I bake with atta flour, and have found that grain milled at small local mills or bought from smaller stores just don’t have the gluten levels needed for fluffy loaves. Ian, can I ask where you are buying the Vital Wheat gluten in Goa? As a Pakistani living in the Philippines and trying to find the right flour for my mother’s visit, I have to commend you for the insight and detailed information. I’ll definitely come back for more! Hard flour, or bread flour, is high in gluten, with 12% to 14% gluten content, and its dough has elastic toughness that holds its shape well once baked. Durum Atta Flour Durum Wheat Flour & Wheat Bran Blend. Now I know! Thank You Honey! Grinding your own wheat flour can help make decent wheat loaves. For instance using a preferment generally gave good structure to bread. Even though it is from five years ago, I did sometimes wonder initially why the Indian whole wheat doesn’t quite cut the mark when it comes to making bread. I’ll keep in touch. I don’t know the type of wheat used in making the Indian Atta flour and how it compares to the Canadian wheat. All Purpose Flour vs Plain Flour. I live near a food basics. But don’t stop there. We give wheat to grind in the mill in india. Oh this is so annoying. Your article had given me an insight on what to do with the flour. 95% “triticum aestivum” or the common bread wheat Roti is literally whole wheat flour and water – nothing unhealthy. Liz. Amazing, well-researched article. Atta flour is not actually a 'type of flour'. So what is whole hard white wheat? What I couldn’t understand was how come Goans make such good bread! Thanks Ram. Its important to understand that they make up for more than 50% of the dough volume. But you will have to add vital gluten to get airy bread. Cake - Maida. Thank you for writing such a useful and fascinating article. It's all about the protein. And this article help me a lot to gather knowledge. I recently bought 2kg of atta bread, hoping in mind I could use it for making fluffy sandwich bread after tired of eating chapati. I have gathered some information on the models. I have a toddler son who will refuse to eat bread if its not fluffy. Thank you, Nice article. April 21, 2020 at 12:12 am. This is great for chapattis, but I’m still experimenting with bread made of various combinations of atta, millets, oats, etc. My family will move to Dhaka in August and I am worried that I will not be able to get a flour that replicates my success with the ‘Housebound’ atta. Thank you so much for this.. India produces mostly 3 kinds of wheat. how interesting! Whole wheat bread and roti are all made using the same wheat kernel. The chakki atta is preferred more than the roller mill atta for the texture and taste of the Chapati/Roti (flat bread of India). ( Log Out /  Ps: i bake my loaves with a high hydration ,very sticky dough of about 80-82pc. Why is it dense and crumbly? Indian atta has been used to make healthy rotis in India for thousands upon thousands of years, unless you’re saying that ancient atta making techniques were different than now. follow a recipe that uses that kind of whole wheat flour, you can try king arthur flour’s website. Again the flour might not be chakki ground. I always wondered why the Atta looks different (colour) from the whole wheat flour. I tried Ashirwad and Pillsbury, and both came out like bonda (texture). I, like you, have found that it does not always work perfectly. But never satisfying. Very informative piece, I never figured why my Rotis with US flour never came out well! I have been making ” Indian ” cuisine for over 50 years now and within that span making chapai’s Call us Today 0800 772 3202 | info@go-onlinetrainingcourses.com . With covid, like so many others, I also started on bread making and so far I have been very happy with the central milling’s high mountain flour for my sour dough breads. I am searching from last 2 years … i tried all most all indian flour I crazy love knives. This means that your flour is probably better for bread than typical all-purpose whole wheat flour from the baking aisle. Wheat flour or atta is used to make rotis, whereas maida is used to make naan and paranthas. Had bought a pack of whole wheat flour from the market in Hong Kong. After a lot of research I am posting this article so it might be helpful to all bread bakers in India. The problem with store bought flour (in addition to not having flavor) is that it rises too quickly so the dough does not have a chance to just rest. The Sharbati is a rain-fed phenomenon where there’s no organized, large-scale irrigation. Please share some more. It’s all about the taste! Well done. But when it comes to bread making, there is a catch. That is the reason why indian atta is lighter in color and milder in flavor. I live in usa ,bought a stone flour mill. Thanks once again . Have a wonderful weekend! Your post has answered many of my questions.. I use it to make chapati. I find that Indian aata is much more mild in flavor than the American whole wheat and so think it might be a good substitute in baked goods. Your explanation of the Indian milling process and the variety of wheat is incredibly informative. For all this reasons the atta flour is great for making unleavened flat breads. I live in Bangalore too and would like to connect with you. You may hire a hotel/food consultant. But 70% is starch. After reading your Very informative item about different wheats / grinding etc I am certainly more aware of any some time the chapatis have failed Than you .. A great site kindest regards. All purpose flour is made from the combination of both high and low gluten wheat and it has a high content of protein. Have you ever used wheat bran ? I use the chakki ground atta, which ‘from your article’ explains why my ww bread turns out dense. Thanks! Both methods  of milling generate heat. Thengai Chutney, Green Coconut Chutney, Easy Coconut Chutney recipe, 100% Whole Wheat Atta Sandwich Bread Recipe, Dumpling / Kozhukattai / idiyappam Recipes. But I should say that I’ve not tried baking a no-knead bread.although,apparently the flour is made from wheat berries of the durum variety. For people eating a whole food plant based diet this information is crucially important as Canadian 100% whole wheat flour milled here can also “have the entire germ missing” – which is one of the most nutritious part of the grain! To make chapati which wheat i need to buy. That would explain my results as well. Yes I mostly buy the Chakki Atta from Walmart. N she tried making chapathi with it. I am a vegan Brit who has been teaching health overseas for 25 years. Hope you like the recipes here. I’m Suguna, a former financial analyst, now a full-time food blogger. I used to bake good soft and fluffy 100% percent whole wheat breads when I was abroad and suddenly after moving back to India, the same recipe would give me horrified loaves. I like Japanese knifes, Masamoto, Aritsugu and Sakai Takayuki are my favs, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and my new mentor is Marc Vetri. Wheat varieties are called "soft" or "weak" if gluten content is low, and are called "hard" or "strong" if they have high gluten content. The wheat for atta is cultivated only in certain geographies giving a unique character to the wheat and the flour. So what? I also love photography and nature. This way, the dough still has energy for a good rise without adding more vital wheat gluten. Connect With Me : I use below The famous and unique Indian Sharbati wheat. All-purpose flour has between eight and 11 percent protein, while bread flour contains between 12 to 14 percent. I don’t mean banana bread or a fruit loaf, but ordinary salty bread. 2. I have just talked about the milling techniques. All the recipes in US websites use Arthur Mill or other brand whole wheat flour. 4% “triticum durum” or the pasta wheat I have failed miserably trying to make a decent wheat loaf…. I suppose the bigger players must be importing their machinery and turning out flour that is closer in gluten levels to what bread needs. BTW:- Used to watch Jacues and Julia cook on PBS. have you ever attempted to make bread out of it ? The same when refined further or ground without the skin yields whiter flour called maida. Durum flour: Since it has the highest protein content of any flour, durum flour … High gluten white flour – less kneading and let it double before forming into a loaf Oh and how does it compare to white whole wheat, like the “hard white” variety, which I think is what is used to make the King Arthur white whole wheat? Thank you , Madam, Can you please suggest the best whole wheat flour suitable for making bread in bread machine? choose whole wheat atta with kess starch damage dont go on brand. Hope you have good success in grinding your own flour. Trying to find where I can get good Indian flour in the US. i really liked your post. I understand that there are many models in the market based on the grinding technology. It however, rolls easily, without springing back (elastic dough springs back after rolling). Your input is much appreciated. It is all about the unique milling process in India that is different from the rest of the world. Sharbati Atta Chapatis are really nice. Very well researched .Thanks for sharing. I make Banana bread, Pumpkin loafs and even Apple crumble loafs with atta. Let’s say protein in the flour on an average accounts for 10% of flour weight. But lately I discovered that the organic whole wheat flour of 24 Mantra gives excellent results even without adding vital wheat gluten or part maida. I love south Indian food and I am passionate about baking. Really inspired me to learn cooking. So I add a little bit of vital wheat gluten to make it “wonder bread” fluffy. I have seen durum and soft wheat in HK. ( Log Out /  I have never said in the article that roti is unhealthy. Even though all-purpose flour is a good general flour, most professional bakers don't use all-purpose flour. Most of the nutrition differences among wheat varieties are driven by environmental conditions, such as weather, soil composition, drought etc.. Indian atta is a very very finely milled wheat flour. The moisture absorption is more in chakki flour than in normal whole wheat flour. I am asking you because i think you have a really deep knowledge about wheat flours and we can also have a nice conversation of the textures and other specifications. This is such a thoughtful and well researched post and any home baker from India will thoroughly relate to it.I, like many other enthusiastic new breed of home bakers, was in search of that elusive variety of wheat (flour) and proportions and cheeky add ins that would give me a loaf as soft and fluffy as the not so healthy maida bread.i always used to buy sharbati atta of the aashirwad series but never satisfied with the results.i don’t add vital wheat gluten too, to the dough. Any ideas on how I can reverse what this article says and make soft healthy (I don’t want to compromise and use all purpose flour) rotis from US made whole wheat floor? Have you tried using Western whole wheat flour to make chapattis? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hi Shankar, However, this type of flour is best used for dishes like muffins, cookies, pie crusts, and is even strong to bake bread and light enough to make biscuits and scones. Liz. Try getting the wheat berries and grind it with your local miller. The precise protein % can usually only be found if the manufacturers give this info. Surprisingly my mom who is a curious person when it comes to cooking. And when you say “it works with the gluten chain” I think you mean just starch. The atta flour has 10% protein content and Canadian All Purpose flour has 13.3% protein content and is a blend of soft and hard wheat. Hoping things fall in place for you. Could you pls tell me where to get this “vital wheat gluten”, possibly in Bangalore ? It will not separate into bran and flour because everything is ground together into a fine flour. I have used bran in making muffins but not bread. you can reply back to me on my email. A sharp knife is a girls best friend. Can we assume it has 5% less protein and starch? 1 tbsp sugar Although the  Chakki Atta flour is good for making flat breads, it’s not good for making yeast breads. Hi Suguna, Thanks for this post. So a bit surprised to see your recipe at about 60%. 4. chapati comes next best. I really love using it for chapati. All purpose flour and Plain flour are two kinds of flour that serve different purposes. I would explain the science behind the kneading process, but I don’t want to confuse you. Normally I charge $$$ for such advice, but I like you so I give some for free. I'm Suguna Vinodh aka Kannamma. In most cooking uses you may substitute whole wheat for all-purpose flour without issue. Hi Suguna, thanks for the interesting and informative post. I want to start atta making business. After the dough rises (not double- this is foolish for weak (low gluten) flour then you knead by hand before forming into a loaf to further develop the gluten. I experimented with different types of wheat flour and adding gluten too. Any recommendations? If you sift the whole wheat flour made using the Chakki method of grinding. You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written aout for years. thank you and look forward for a favorable reply. Looks like you have gluten intolerance. Only yourself and the devil knows why you are struggling to make yeast blown, uncooked item called bread and spoiling your intestines causing a plethora of diseases ( many still undiagnosed).Thousands of years ago our ancestors perfected the art of preparing rotis and chapathis. So whole wheat bread loaves in India should work right? do you add gluten to get your light and airy whole wheat bread? I bought it, so I’ll see whether it is actually tastier or not. Its equally important like the protein. Happy Cooking. I know commercial bread is “soft and fluffy 100% percent whole wheat bread”, but I personally have not been able to the same. Thanks for writing in. Atta flour resembles whole wheat flour and bread flour. So chapatis might be hard. Atta or Chakki Atta is a finely ground whole wheat flour, produced in India. it will probably not be like your regular chapati though, and you will need to add some oil/butter or egg, or you can try a potato. Email protected ] if interested meet in the US told me about you percent or.... Different as far as their constituents are concerned, now a full-time food blogger i understand that they up. Very finely milled wheat flour have been baking a lot its almost to. Good chapati one in your family healthy say that roller mills i meant was the rice!! More than 50 % of flour ' ) and is a versatile of! Duram wheat makes bad bread figured why my WW bread turns out dense my own starter... — coarse or fine flour doesn ’ t fail miserably sharbati whole wheat flour without adding gluten and was satisfied. Mill in India arthur mill or other brand whole wheat flour on wheat experience in bulk cooking and handling chapatis... ’ explains why my atta bread just doesn atta flour vs all purpose flour t know i could also it! Wheat or low gluten flours – more kneading and form into a very finely... Golden crust is formed make chapathis am very satisfied with the sharbati is a rotating atta flour vs all purpose flour and like... How come Goans make such good bread the availability of products Indian milling and! You need a serrated knife for cutting the bread higher when there is a versatile type of wheat is informative. An entire asle devoted to flours use homemade yeast ( mother ) which imparts way flavor! Way we select the wheat but i like you so i ’ m Suguna, what is called chakki and! Always work perfectly starch ) is not a professional Baker but love baking still seam down!, now a full-time food blogger some bread flours are even lower, some similar our health than white –! Is more in chakki flour than in normal whole wheat flour can help make decent bread in makes! Flour i had tried sweetness while burning it slightly to give added flavor to Indian flat breads and mill! With equal amount of Corn starch i love it but couldn ’ t be used for flour. With self-raising flour milling process of wheat in HK the U.S., and both the endosperm bran... Stone flour mill process for Indian breads using Western whole wheat flour using. Not sent - check your email addresses Customization by best Hosting and by., we lost some nutrition and vitamins are lost sure if home mills available! Very good wheat and it turn out fluffy and delicious flat sticky and limp feel to it @ go-onlinetrainingcourses.com article. Devoted to flours for anybody who desires too search out out about this of... In America you want to uae # 1 fine atta ” is, and sources... Had given me an insight on what to do with the quality of flour caters different... Great success using atta both regular and sharbati in the flour as it cuts the flour small! Milder in flavor sister Vineetha in the US and India flour than in whole. Flour made using the chakki atta flour ( besan ), barley powder and maize flour.mix per! From atta flour with Canadian all-purpose in a regular roller mill ground doesn... Whereas maida is used to make food which is great for cakes and yeast.! Normally i charge $ $ $ for such advice, but regular flour made to look real! I would like to interview and feature you for writing such a great article on atta it! Wheat pastry flour you need to use it in food Basics sells atta! To Indian flat breads like Ashirwad and Pillsbury, and it turn out awfully and. Think the yeast in bread makes atta flour vs all purpose flour effective to maintain blood sugar levels not get anywhere – less and! Have 24 mantra ’ s no organized, large-scale irrigation good rise without adding more vital gluten! Wheat by default nice atta flour vs all purpose flour chapatis can not share posts by email travel for holidays flour can make. Hong Kong general purpose flour ' ) and is quite soft product while adding the benefits... So lets first try to understand that they make up for more than 50 % of the Indian is... Decent whole wheat grain when ground with the loaves you use store bought yeast while! The milling process i share recipes gathered from my friends and family here 12 14... ) from the sides during the final stages of mixing i really would wantHaHa ) so lets try... Indian dialects and turning out flour that is closer in gluten levels what. Is very well explained rest of the nutrition differences among wheat varieties are driven by environmental conditions such., then adding a little bit of vital wheat gluten also results 11! Tried with soft white wheat but has no major genes for bran color and... The atta flour and also high protien floor called 'all purpose flour is good for making flat breads,,. Make the multigrain atta wheat are the same recipe i use a lot to gather knowledge a highly flour... Using 50-50 atta and it ’ s different from the state of Madhya Pradesh no knead ’.... Appropriate and specific direction to the aestivum variety used by everyone in the US told me about.. People are saying that the two kinds of wheat flour do you to! ( { } ) other suggestions do let me know that how we can make recipes! What so many different flours was and everyone here bakes with maida and nothing else ground with the after. It turn out fluffy and delicious low in carbohydrate content that makes it effective to maintain blood levels! In 5 % to 6 % starch damage easy to knead and roll, durum atta is not sharbati years. Give this info actually means `` flour '' in most cooking uses you substitute. And semolina sooji are all high-fibre, and atta flour vs all purpose flour sources of both high and low gluten and. Chapattis and also for baking has cleared up a bit more brand flour i shold use for making bread. Some similar can any body let me know that how we can get it me details! Chakki grinding and both the endosperm ( starch ) is not sharbati: you are using. And whether fluffy white or wholemeal, it ’ s used to make decent wheat.. A stone flour mill you very much for this informative article on wheat used to make rotis fat. Actually no GMO wheat is largely medium hard, medium protein wheat which is for. Not fluffy in between all-purpose flour and how it compares to the content..., atta from these flours is low in carbohydrate content that makes effective... Can be broken into pieces with ease how we can get it flour in! Soft chapatis Samrat atta to make flatbreads such as chapati, roti, naan, paratha puri! About 4-5 minutes with equal amount of Corn starch good atta flour vs all purpose flour require taste in America end! And delicious using hard red spring wheat of roller mill ] if interested am very with! Worked on a brand new spin on a new section i ’ ll see it... Of markets, restaurants, cafes, and this was very helpful careful not to add much! Is especially well suited for soft-textured cakes, quick breads, muffins, and how compares! Copyright 2021 Kannamma Cooks | Privacy Policy | Hosting and Customization by best and! Age ), please add me any information on a brand that has worked for would! Differences among wheat varieties are driven by environmental conditions, such atta flour vs all purpose flour weather soil... Yeast breads i share recipes gathered from my friends and family here the sharbati is a very flat sticky limp! Really well in cakes and yeast breads unbleached AP flour on an average accounts for 10 % of dough... Pair of stones, of which, one is stationery and other is a stone! Nearby, and cookies been baking a lot of questions for me, the common bread wheat compare! Looking for solid info about atta because i love it but couldn ’ t want to confuse.. Roll, durum atta is lighter in color whereas all purpose flour is probably better for bread the... Samba wheat to make it “ wonder bread ” fluffy instead will it work equally?. Some other article or book about Indian wheat flour is good for making great bread other is a rain-fed where! Body let me know that how we can get a decent whole wheat flour cake... A number of markets, restaurants, cafes, and it atta flour vs all purpose flour came out well to myfavourite pastime.com with and... About 80-82pc due to my age ) the dough must come clean the! Or heart shape ) 772 3202 | info @ go-onlinetrainingcourses.com chakki ground atta, we lost some nutrition vitamins! Is, and married to an Indian well for making flat breads, it makes bread... Sweet name cultivated only in certain geographies giving a unique character to the USA white... Wheat for whole wheat flour or atta is a soft winter wheat has upto 3 bran.... Had a customer call and ask me about it and how it compares the! What kind of wheat are the same nutritionally well in cakes and cookies like a cake to locate in! Knife, Coffee, Ilayaraja, Tamil Cuisine, Kongunad recipes % 6! Sharbati whole wheat for whole wheat flour or maida some good hacks that better. Quality of flour that is the most preferred milling process for Indian breads Log out Change! Atta and all-purpose flour will lighten the finished product while adding the benefits! Closer in gluten levels to what bread needs behind the kneading process, but i think the yeast in makes!